28-Day “Life Well-Lived” Challenge: Day 6 Release the How

The 28-Day “Life Well-Lived” Challenge is a journey, not a destination. It is a an opportunity to unleash a life stuck in neutral. Whether it is career choices, romantic relationships, or financial freedom, “Life Well-Lived” offers a wholistic approach and a safe space for addressing a personal issue head-on so we can take one step closer to becoming the very best version of ourselves, living a Beautiful Life.

By Melissa Turner

We’ve all heard the saying “Love finds you when you stop looking for it,” right Well, why is it that when we are trying really hard to get something, it seems to slip away from our grasp even faster?

As long as we know the “why” behind our dreams and desires for a Life Well-Lived, we can believe the way is being provided right now for those God-given seeds to take root, grow, and thrive.

When we look out at a field of wheat grass swaying in the breeze, we know it emerged from tiny little seeds that took root and grew day by day. They did not try to grow, they did not worry about how they would grow. The seeds are now thriving in fulfilling their ultimate purpose simply because they are nourished by soil, sunlight, and rain. All of the elements for success are provided.

When we release the “how,” trust the process, and finally stop trying so hard to get something, almost suddenly and magically that “something” appears in ways we never could have thought of, asked for, dreamed of, or even imagined.

“Love finds you…”

“Meaningful work finds you…”

“Wealth finds you…”

“Health finds you…”

“Abundance finds you…”

It’s simple. Know your why. Release the how. Watch what happens.

“Life-Well Lived” Challenge

Day Six Challenge: Release the How.

When I “Release the How” I open the doors to a Life Well-Lived so others can live well. I am no longer inserting my fear, worry, anxiety, desperation, or need to control into my life or the lives of others with whom I share this journey. I am trusting the process and I believe all of the elements for success are provided. Releasing the how is freeing.

Day Six Power Word: Open

Day Six Affirmation: I am open to allowing my goal of “Being a Financially Independent Woman” (fill in the blank with your goal for the 28-Day Challenge) to be fulfilled, knowing and trusting that all of the elements for my success are provided.

Day Six Action: I’m going to take the next 24 hours to not think about how I am going to meet my goal for this 28-Day Challenge. I am simply going to “release the how” and “let it go” and watch what happens. When a thought pops up about the “how” I am simply going to shift my focus back to the “why” and express a thought of gratitude for receiving this dream and desire for a Life Well-Lived in the first place, knowing and trusting that all of the elements of success are provided.


Until tomorrow!