Melissa Turner is a health, medical, and social issues writer living and working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Melissa has worked in magazine publishing including Chattanooga Magazine and EnviroLink Southeast and served as a communications director for the City of Chattanooga. Melissa is also a passionate vegan, environmental, and human rights activist. She Co-Founded Gandhi’s Be Magazine (www.bemagazine.org) which serves to carry forward the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and works with his grandson Arun Gandhi to promote nonviolence as a way of life. The magazine also serves to raise awareness about food and health issues, and most recently focuses on choosing vegan as part of the new movement of nonviolent living. Through her work with Gandhi’s Be Magazine, Melissa has traveled to India, Africa, Haiti, Nepal, and many other places covering the stories of nonviolence and peace around the world. She has also spoken at human rights conferences at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia; University of Bridgeport, Connecticut; Times Square in New York City, Queens Theatre in Queens, New York; University of California at Berkeley; and Harvard University. In her spare time, Melissa loves hiking, photography, travel, and being outdoors.